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Does Propecia really work?

Do you know a lot about the male hair loss?

Even if your answer is no, you may know that it is quite popular problem for men.

Some men say that they don’t mind, that they are bald, but for others it can become a very serious problem.

Have you ever heard that most people usually lose nearly 70 to 150 hairs from scalp every day?

Usually the reasons of it are combing, brushing and washing.

This quantity of hair loss is normal, but sometimes it can be much more. It is not so good.

Your scalp hair can start to thin in a case when more and more hairs will be lost, but your scalp will not be able to renew it!

What are the reasons of such loss?

It can be, for example, heredity, different physical conditions, the results of taking some medication…

So as you can see the reasons can be different.

Speaking about how to solve this problem…

Of course, there is a huge amount of different drugs, which can help our male part of population to treat this illness. Some men can even be ashamed because of it. In this article we will tell you about one of the commonly used medication in this case. It is Propecia.

You will ask:Does Propecia really work?

Our answer is yes.

Male hair loss can be stopped by this medication. Lots of studies show that nearly 80% of men, who are taking this drug, have some success in hindering progressive balding on men’s mid-scalp area and on the top of the head. There should be said that drug Ptopecia is totally approved. Before the marketing to the public a lot of testing stages were gone.

The effectiveness of Propecia was shown by the 5 years running trial – the longest running clinical trial connected with hair loss in the history.

After this long test it was reported that men, who were taking this medication, had quite a good improvement in their hair growth.

Some of men were on Propecia and another part of them were at the placebo. It is interesting to know, that people who had been on real drug (Propecia) had better results in solving their problem. In average these men had 277 more hairs in one inch diameter area in comparison with those who was on the placebo.

So as you can see, the results were quite impressive. This 5-years running test showed that Propecia is one of the most effective and clinically proven treatment among drugs which can help a man to solve this problem.

But let’s have a look at this drug and its potency from another side. Without any doubts Propecia works, but…

Of course, it has better results than Placebo. What about the results of those who are taking this real drug from year to year?

After the first year of using it, a man have over 90 hairs more in the specified area. After the second year of usage, your results will be in average 80 hairs more. Speaking about the third year the quantity of new hair will be decreased to 60. By the fourth year you will have 40 %.

But if nothing else, medication Propecia is still holding the title of the best treatment for solving a problem of male hair loss. You will not find any other hair loss drugs, which has been tested for such a long time.

Starting of hair loss will not be a pleasant surprise for young men.

Of course, it is a problem for all men, old and young. The age is not important. As you can see the results of this 5-years long clinical test are good, so men have all chances to decrease their hair loss in condition that they are taking Propecia.

Propecia is a once-a-day preparation. You should know that it is the only pill for men’s hair loss which was approved by the Food and Drug Administration. It is not for usage for women and children. An interesting fact is that over 30 million of men in the United States were affected by the hair loss.

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