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Risks and benefits of taking Propecia

Having illnesses is not the most pleasant thing in the world. Of course, there are some very dangerous diseases and it is so easy to treat the other ones. But anyway no one likes to have any problems with body and health in general.  Nowadays we have millions of different drugs and medication which help us to treat various illnesses.

Some people don’t want other people to know they have some problems with their health. But sometimes it is quite difficult to hide a problem. One of such problems is male hair loss. Of course for some men it is not a problem, they even think that it is very stylishly. Actually you can meet some people who like being bald.

But unfortunately another part of male population is ashamed to show that they have hair loss. Nowadays it is not difficult to find the medication you need to solve this problem.

The best thing that can really help you is Propecia (Finasteride).  Some of men prefer to have a transplant surgery.  So it is your choice.

Speaking about Propecia  (Finasteride) – it is the most commonly used medication for treatment with hair loss. There was the longest running clinical test of this drug. During 5 years men were testing how it works and what results it can give you. The results were impressive, but you should know that side effects are possible.

Propecia prevents hair loss and helps to re-grow your hair. Nearly 85% of men who are taking these pills have improvement in hair growth.

Now let’s talk about another side of it. Propecia is used to improve the growth of your scalp hair, but it also can inhibit the growth of your body hair. The deal is that DHT will stimulate the growth of your body hair in adults but the formation of DHT will be blocked by this drug.

As you know, genetic variations among people are so different that it is almost impossible to foresee the individual reaction of someone’s body on Propecia. A series of small studies showed that hair texture will be changed because of using the preparation we are talking about. The results of influence of it on your body may cause abnormal texture of your hair. The percent of men who are suffering from this problem is quite low.

A good thing is that side effects of the 1-mg dosage are really uncommon, but of course reversible. The most part of reported cases of different kinds of sexual dysfunction appeared soon after the starting of taking Propecia. But as reports show us, all side effects will be stopped after the finishing of taking this medication.

Actually sexual problems strike just several men in a hundred. Propecia is not recommended for women and children. But sometimes it is possible. You should consult with your doctor and he or she will advice you how to fight with your hair loss. Taking these pills is forbidden for pregnant women. The influence of this drug on your body can hurt your future child.

Side effects can also include: prostate cancer, decreased libido, increased breast size, testicular pain, inching, rah or hives and even swelling in your face and lips. Also there are some reports which claimed that a person who is taking Propecia can suffer from depression, bad mood, even memory loss, difficulty in breathing etc.

Speaking about the influence on your fertility (ability to have children)… You can be sure that this medication we are speaking about does not affect on your ability of having children.

In this article you can get some information about benefits and risks of having such drug as Propecia. It is created to treat the male hair loss. As the results of long running studies show, this drug is quite safe and effective. So you have a lot of chances to win in a fight with this problem. You should remember that you should be consulted buy your doctor. You will be advised what to do, because Propecia doesn’t work the same way for all men.

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